10 tips to stay balanced in the new year

2020. Well, glad that’s over. But let’s not take it for granted. There is light in every bit of darkness. What did 2020 teach us? Well here is what it taught us and as well as some tips to take into the new year. We learned how to sit, how to be alone and how important our family and communities are to each other. We learned how to enjoy life. How to not get swept up in the hustle and bustle. We learned that there are still social injustices happening everyday all over the world. We learned that we already have enough. We have enough. So let’s take all that we have and put it to work in 2021! Here are some simple ways to maintain balance and to stay tuned into your highest frequency during 2021 ~

1. Do what makes you happy! What makes you light up like a Christmas light? As long as it causes no harm, then get out and enjoy what makes you...you. Live your authentic self to the fullest.

2. Develop a self care practice. This doesn't mean waking up everyday at 4:30 am and doing yoga and meditation. This just means developing a consistent practice around loving yourself.

3. Surround yourself with the right kind of energy. Let’s be more aware of who we let into our inner circle. Surround yourself with people who make you feel good. People that won't judge you but will simply just listen.

4. Create a more balanced diet. Once we understand that what we eat becomes us, literally becomes us, we can start to balance from the inside out. More fresh fruits and vegetables. Try and cut out meat all together. Just think of how good you will feel when you aren't eating something that had fear running through it before you ate it. AHH crazy!!

5. Move, Dance, Exercise. The old saying is, if you don’t use it, you lose it. Use your body in the most mindful and loving way that you can. Go on hikes, exercise, dance, stretch, do yoga. Just use your body. When we do this our body releases chemicals in the brain that make us feel good. I like to feel good, don’t you?

6. Sit still. Lol, yeah I just said sit still after telling you to move. Actually sitting still after exercise can be a very beautiful experience. Once we can sit during all the chaos around us we can develop more clarity of what's going on around us.

7. Don't over-work yourself. The work never ends, so why not take more breaks ~ watch more sunsets, listen to the trees, feel the air on your skin. Don’t work to live. Live first and the work will no longer be work.

8. Find an anchor. When times are tough and all this other stuff just isn't working for you, have that one thing you can come back to. This can be something small and maybe even silly to someone else. For us, sometimes that is just using a tuning fork and sending loving vibrations through the body.

9. Don’t watch the news! If we can start to look at everything as a vibration you will notice that the is putting out. We aren’t saying turn yourself off to the world, we are saying turn yourself on to the world. Go out and talk to people and experience what's really going on. Turn yourself onto the world like never before.

10. Compassion is the key to balance. At the end of it all, no matter what happens. Just laugh about it all. Show love and compassion in every way, every day. We have no real control. So let go of the steering wheel and go for the ride. The old Buddhist saying is, “if you can do something about a problem, then why worry. If you can’t do anything about it, then why worry” So at the end of it all, just say whatever forever and smile.

Jon’s tip for staying balanced: I love to exercise and being around people that I love. Beach volleyball, surfing, hiking, laughing, dancing, stretching, & playing music are some of my favorite ways to experience meditation. What are some of yours?

Natalie’s tip for staying balanced: Sing your favorite songs really loud- in the car, the shower, wherever you can. Have dance parties with your sing-alongs. Laugh and play as often as you can (coming from enneagram 1 and type-a personality this can be hard for some of us!)