3 Sound Exercises to do in the Car

Did you know that the average person spends around 9-10 hours in their car a week? That’s 9-10 hours too many if you ask me!

Sometimes that number goes up when we travel. We recently went from Morro Bay, CA to Diamond Peak in Incline Village, NV, which was over 6 hours one way! That’s a lot of sitting on the tuckus! Using sound can help the physical body as well as your spirits during long drives like these.

Think for a moment about how much time you spend in a car. How do you spend that time? Listening to podcasts, learning another language, audio books, long phone calls to old friends or family. These are all great, but we would like to offer some fun and silly sound exercises to do next time you are in the car alone or with other fun people, or if you just want to freak your friends out! 😜 Try these.

  1. This is going to seem too easy or cliché, but it's a no brainer. It's easy, fun, and has a ton of scientific health benefits. Singing at the top of your lungs to your favorite songs is the most fun and easy way to use sound to boost your mood, boost your immune system, & to stimulate nitric oxide production in your nose. You probably already knew this, because who hasn't enjoyed singing to their favorite jams? You just needed to be reminded. So go put on something that takes you back to a time that you felt on top of the world, start singing and then you will realize that you are always on top of the world whenever you choose to be.

  2. Have you ever used a BioSonics C-128 Tuning Fork on your body before? If you haven't, what are you waiting for? This little sound bath in your pocket is what got us into the world of sound and healing frequencies. We love using the fork while stuck in traffic or to help increase blood circulation in the body during long drives. The amazing Dr. John Beaulieu, a physician & classically trained concert pianist developed this tuning fork in the 1970s with government funding for a reason. Check out the benefits of them here.

  3. Sometimes we can feel like we have a demon deep inside of us and if we could just release it everything would feel better. Well next time you get in the car, buckle up, look at yourself in the mirror and stare whatever you need to release right in the eye. Then let out any sound you need. This could be silly gibberish, demonic yelling, or sticking your tongue as far out of your mouth as you can and just making any noise you want. Be sure to follow any of these silly exercises up by laughing and asking yourself, where the hell did that come from?

Do some of these seem weird? Well, you’re right, there’s a lot of really wonderfully weird things in the world. Don’t take our word for it, try it! We only speak from our own experiences. We love doing all of these and hope you do too. Please share any of your experiences with us. We would love to hear about them!