5 Ways to Hold Space in Sound Healing Sessions

As a sound healer your main job is to hold space. It is not our job to “fix” or heal someone. We simply provide the space and intention and allow the work to unfold as it will. As teachers and healers, we open the door and then we get out of the way.

The term sound healer may even be misleading here. We are not the ones doing the healing. Rather by holding space we allow for the healing to take place. The space is the healer. It is the atmosphere and sense of trust and safety we bring, that is the energy underpinning the session. The use of therapeutic sound is known to initiate the ease of a balanced parasympathetic nervous system. This rest and digest response is at its strongest when the sound is coupled with a safe space where the body is at ease and therefore allows healing to occur.

As a sound healer or sound practitioner, it is our responsibility to hold space first and foremost. Our sound healer’s oath is an intention that helps set the space for wellbeing.

Sound Healer’s Oath:

  • I recognize the perfection in all beings

  • I hold a safe space

  • I vibrate love

  • I let go of judgment of myself & others

  • I am fully present

Based on this oath,

5 Ways to Hold Space are:

  1. Get out of the way. Set your intention to be a clear vessel for healing. Let go of your day or personal stories and be fully in the present. Simply bringing this idea into your awareness is the first step to getting out of the way. Remember, the session is about the other person, not you.

  2. Mentally repeat the sound healer’s oath before giving any session. Give yourself ample time to ground and prepare your own mental space to be clear for holding space for others. This may include meditating, moving, writing down your intentions or shaking away the day in any way that calms and clears your mind.

  3. Set the physical space with clear intentions. Setting the physical space so it provides an encouraging atmosphere for healing to take place is important. If we go off Maslow’s hierarchy of needs it shows that we need to feel physically safe and comfortable before we can focus our attention on our mental and energetic health. Setting the physical space can include being intentional of lighting, room temperature, props etc. Having tea or water available is always nice, as healing sessions move a lot of energy. Your physical space should feel comfortable to you and hold the energy of healing. You might have candles, soft blankets and pillows, a pen and paper for your client’s creativity or reflection.

  4. Be fully present. Grounding yourself with a mantra is very helpful. It may be something like “ Into the light for the highest good”

It is helpful to communicate your intentions and let the guest know what they can expect in the session. We always leave room for silence and communicate this so the client knows what to expect and can be in a restful state with no anxiety.

5.Vibrate love. By recognizing the perfection in all things you can let go of anything that might come up in the session. If there is a noise or what you deem as a mistake forgive and move on. Just witness what unfolds and keep holding that loving intention. By recognizing that the other person is perfect and we are not there to heal them, we refrain from prescribing any advice or interpretations after the session. Instead invite the participant to write their own reflections.