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Let me see that Gong!

Let me hear that gong…..

The gong is an ancient tool that has been around for centuries. Besides the voice & drums, gongs can be considered some of the oldest sound healing instruments. According to Britannica, Gongs are pictured in China in the 6th century CE and were used in Java ( an island in Indonesia) by the 9th century. (The word gong is Javanese.).

The gong is found in 6th century writings in the western area in what used to be the Jang Kingdom between Tibet and Burma. There is evidence that suggests that gong making was known as early as 4,000 BC and ancient alchemy sources put the gong as far out as 16,000 BC, however, the precise origin is unknown. It’s nice to get a little history on the instrument because everyone will ask you

The gong is a powerful tool that helps to release emotions and stuck energy and move any blockages throughout the body. Just as acupuncture needles move energy through the meridians, the sounds of the gong move energy in the whole body at the cellular level.

The Gong produces a whole spectrum of harmonics which are based on pressure waves of sound. These waves vibrate the energy meridians in the body and bring them into balance and harmony.

The gong is one of the few instruments that has some harmonics that are not mathematical multiples. This makes it the perfect instrument to get “unstuck” from any unhealthy pattern or rhythm we might have become entrained to.

What are some ways you might be able to use gongs at home or in working with others?

A gong bath is a wonderful way to begin or end a meditation. The sound waves break unhealthy thought patterns and encourage release and renewal.

Feeling tension or stress? Play the gong and imagine your frustration leaving your body and being carried away on the sound waves.

When working with others, the gong is a beautiful tool to aid in relaxation and deep rest. The sound of the gong followed by several minutes of silence is a total mind/body reset.

Nowadays gongs are made all over the world.

We really enjoy working with Grotta Sonora gongs.

Grotta Sonora is Italian for Sound Cave. That's right, their gongs are literally made in a cave in Italy!

What first caught our eye about these gongs is the beautiful and artisan art work on each gong. Every gong is unique and made only with loving and healing intentions. These are no factory made gongs.

We connected with the creators, Madhava and Margherita, who are a young couple just like us. They are down-to-earth, real, fun-loving and are truly passionate about the quality of their work.

Madhava creates the gongs and tunes them by ear, only working on them when he is in a good mood and infusing the gongs with healing intentions.

Margherita then creates the exquisite art work on the gongs.

Mandalas, spirals, or sacred geometry on their gongs add the element of visual meditation during your sound baths.

Not only does each gong have a unique design but each one has a specific sound and vibration, as individual as your own voice.

Let’s dive into what kind of gong might be the best fit for you.

A few important questions to ask yourself:

Is this healing instrument for yourself?

For working with others?


Will you be transporting it often?

There are 3 common sizes: 26 inch, 34 inch & 38 inches. The larger gongs are deeper in tone and have a great “wow” factor when people first see them. The only downside is that they can be very heavy to transport and lug around in the back of your car. If you’ve got the muscle power or the perfect place to keep a large gong in your home or studio this is a fantastic option.

If 38 inches is a bit too big but you still want something that has that larger size and feel, a 34 inch gong will do the trick. They still carry a deep tone and are a bit easier to move around when you need to.

Now let’s not forget about the 26 inch gongs. These beauties are small but mighty and what's extra cool about them is that you can carry them around a room in a session and give people a nurturing experience. We aren't saying they are super light but they do make it easier to move around the room with.

Last but not least, the newest option is the hand gong. These gongs are flat and are designed to be played while held in your hand as you move around the space. The sound of each gong is unique but we are pretty impressed at the deep sound of some of these handheld babies. They are perfect for traveling or if you want to keep it in your home but are tight on space, this is the best fit.

Once you have your size picked out, choose your design. Each design is unique, purposeful and carries an intention. Don’t get stuck in your head, you’ll intuitively feel when an instrument is a match. You just know.

Let the instruments choose you.

Each one is crafted to perfection. Intuitively tuned and then consciously, artistically birthed with pure loving intentions to be sent out into the world to raise the vibration of you, your clients & the planet.

There are other gong companies out there, but if you know us, working with two lovely individuals who are so caring and intentional in their craft means a lot to us and we know that you will feel the love that has been put into these beautiful instruments. Reach out and set up a time to come over and play the gongs in our space in Morro Bay.