Meet our friend "Intention"

The intention is where it all starts. As long as we maintain a positive intention the sound bath is a success! The other main ingredient is intuition.

Intention itself is a frequency. The key to an effective sound bath is holding the intention with 100% awareness the whole time. This can be challenging because thoughts might pop into our head, we might get distracted by a noise or object.

If we notice a distraction, the first step is to meet it with kindness. We can even choose to congratulate ourselves for noticing the distraction and then, with love, move back to the intention. We might find that we need to do this often at the start, and that is ok. As long as we do it with awareness and love we are succeeding.

We first set the intention before the event, as we choose the instruments or plan the theme.

Then we feel into the intention before we start. Imagine yourself vibrating the intention.

We offer the entire session into the light for the highest good.

During the sound bath we hold the intention in our mind the whole time. One example, is simply mentally chanting the intention “love” as you play the instruments and lead the session. Or if the theme of the class is easing depression you might mentally repeat “positive energy.” As long as you feel into the intention with love and sincerity there is no wrong way to do this. We simply redirect our attention back to the intention each time it strays. We don’t just repeat the intention blankly, we must really feel it. Think about the energy behind the intention.