Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga

Go home and get some rest.

We have all heard this. But have we been able to do it ? Our lives are filled with to-dos and easy fixes, but the best remedy of all is to truly rest and allow yourself to rest.

To restore is to bring back into balance.

Life is really just a balancing act- balancing emotions, relationships, work & play. We get out of balance and we bring ourselves back in balance.

We get out of tune and bring ourselves back in tune.

Restorative yoga is an invitation to slow down. To pause. To deepen the breath and listen. To feel grounded and supported.

As we head into Fall, a vata season, full of wind and of the trees losing their leaves, it is extra nourishing and supportive to make time for restorative practices. The cool, crisp, airy energy of Fall gets balanced with cozy, nurturing, grounding yoga postures.

Benefits of restorative yoga include a deeper sense of calm, less time spent frazzled, flustered and frustrated, regulation of the nervous system which gives the body time and space for rest and digest. This supports the physical functions of the body.

Restorative yoga also increases immunity and improves sleep. You know that rest does the body good! This is all common sense, we just need to get on that mat already ;)

In restorative yoga you allow the breath to take you deeper into rest and relaxation. Awareness of the breath gives way to fuller breaths and fuller health.

Another lovely benefit is flexibility in the body- with no effort, just surrender and give it support and time. Bolsters and props are your best friends in a restorative practice.

Some Restorative and Fall themes to keep in mind:

🍂Slow down

🍂Let go

🍂Feel supported


If you are pairing sound with your yoga it is nice to stick with consistent and lower sounds, such as large, grounding crystal singing bowls or the slow and low playing of a gong. Allow the sounds to bring the body and mind to a deeper state of ease.

3 poses to try right now:

Restorative Heart Opener

Legs up the Wall

Supported twist

Want to practice Restorative Yoga together?

Reach out to us about Jon’s weekly Sound Bath Restorative yoga classes on Thursday evenings.

If you have a group who wants to be led in the practice with sound, let us know and we will come to you :)

Now who’s ready to relax?