Road Trip!

Mid September we took an epic trip through 6 states and we can't wait to tell you all about it! It was a perfect blend of work & play. Why would you care to hear about our amazing trip? Hopefully to inspire you to get out and see the world too! Traveling can seem daunting at times ( just ask Natalie- she gets motion sickness) but with a little know-how it's easier than you’d think.

We started off on a Thursday afternoon and made it to Vegas for the night. Why there you ask? Well honestly it's very affordable and a great place to stock up on snacks at a Whole Foods for one of the main stops on our trip, Bryce Canyon. This is part of the genius in traveling. Sometimes with just a little research you can find great places to stay for an affordable price. If there is valet, be extra nice & generous and your dirty worn Prius will get parked next to the Lamborghinis, 😂. Treat everyone with extreme kindness when you are on the road. You will be in good spirits and so will those you come in contact with. Energy is contagious.

The next morning we were off to Whole Foods across the Arizona border and then into Utah, arriving at an amazing glamping spot just outside of Tropic, Utah. Wandercamp. About 20 yurts set up for an extremely affordable price, but without sacrificing comfort and gaining an eco luxury feel. As long as you can let go of fancy showers or total privacy, this is a great way to travel on a budget. After a great night's sleep ( the sheets were really plush), it was off to Bryce Canyon National Park, bright and early.

Whenever we go anywhere special like this, we take advantage of taking beautiful photos to hopefully inspire others to get out and enjoy the great outdoors. It's a great reminder that the world is still functioning just fine and nature is the best medicine. We hiked the Fairyland Loop Trail , which was approximately 8-10 miles and surrounded by beautiful desert red rock formations. A major highlight happened at about mile 5 when the heavens opened upon us with loud thunder and a strong downpour of rain for almost an hour. The cliff trail we were currently on was the spine of the pink rock mountain, a sliver of a trail at the peak. Invigorating and a bit frightening at the same time!!

To top it all off we ended the next day enjoying a few hours at Mossy Caves , which had a beautiful waterfall and flowing stream. We enjoyed a nice yoga flow to feel stretched out for the drive.

The next day we headed north to Salt Lake City. Why, you ask? You might know we carry the world's most beautiful crystal singing bowls and this is where they are made! We get to play with and experience hundreds of bowls and find the ones that are meant to be with us and those around us.

We select bowls for others to use in their personal practice or work with others We also love having a variety of bowls at home for people to be able to come play with and experience the bowls. Crystal Tones are the granddaddyies of crystal singing bowls. Nobody makes them like they do. It is such a delight to surround ourselves with thousands of these transformational tools to bring back the very best of the best for you to enjoy! We spent 8 hours picking out over 20 bowls, listening to their harmonics and tones and finding the sets that sang together. Jug really tuned into a large Platinum Rose Quartz Alchemy bowl he was toning with with gusto. ( Jug is 10 if you don’t know him, and watching kids be as tuned in as they are is always magical)

If crystal bowls are calling to you, get in touch with us, we love sharing the power and wellness of sound with others, it’s our mission.

Now everytime we go to Salt Lake City we love indulging in delicious vegan food. They seriously have the largest selection of vegan restaurants out of any city we have ever visited. We couldn’t wait to get a fancy vegan dinner. Little did we know…. . On Mondays literally every vegan restaurant is closed. We were sad, so just be aware for your travels- if you want vegan goodness, Monday is not your day. We ordered Indian food that night and it didn’t end up so hot. Jon developed extreme food poisoning for 18 hours. Not fun. Natalie did the entire drive up to Boise, Idaho as a halfway point to Bend, Oregon. Luckily it was a speedy recovery and we were able to visit some close friends in Bend, hiking through a stream-lined forest path. The flowing water in Oregon was a refreshing contrast to the dryness of the desert. We stopped at Sahalie falls, where there are beautiful emerald pools and the water is flowing next to a breath-taking trail with so many wondrous stops and sights and scents and sounds to take in. Talk about the sound healing of crystal clear flowing water in a magical forest of lush green trees!!. Um, and yes, there was a magical rainbow forming by the powerful mist of the waterfall.

After Bend and our recharge in nature, we head out to Eugene, Oregon to link up with the Neuro Meditation Institute to run some studies on how the brain responds to the sounds of crystal singing bowls. Through EEG we were able to see brainwaves respond to the sounds of the crystal bowls. We were lucky to have a volunteer who was used to having his brain scanned for meditation, but had never experienced a sound bath. He’s been through the ringer- trauma, PTSD, alcoholism. He was in great spirits and excited to try something new in his recovery and healing. He also works with fellow veterans and supporting others in recovery.

Jon and him were both hooked up to the brain caps while Jon gave him a 10 minute crystal bowl sound bath. Watching the brainwaves change in real time was a trip. Our participant experienced relief from his mind like he has never felt before. In post-sound bath reflection he shared, “ I have never felt so comfortable in my body by being out of my body” How his felt experience coorbated to the brainwave data is fascinating. Stay tuned to learn more about it and we gather the data.

Next, we headed south on Highway 1, stopping in all kinds of little beach towns all the way to Arcata to see a friend and get down into the Humboldt State Redwoods, one of the most magical places on earth. Here you can find some of the world’s largest trees. Towering over 300 feet high and over 40 feet around!! The ancient wisdom that lives under the canopy here is everywhere and if you stop for a moment and listen, you will understand. One can’t help but wonder, what if the world spent less time with the TV and more time basking in the indescribable beauty of nature?

After a day of hiking, forest bathing ( yes, it’s actually a thing), sound bathing in the redwoods and creative photo sessions, it was time to say our goodbyes and head home to beautiful Morro Bay. We are so grateful to have the opportunity to live this kind of life while also serving others. If you don’t have time to take a big trip, just go outside and hug a tree. Trees are working for us 24/7, giving us that beautiful oxygen and life!

If you made it to the end of this long blog, let us know. Tell us your favorite part and we will mail you a crystal :)