Self-Care for Care-Givers

With Mother’s Day right around the corner we are reflecting on how Mother’s give SO much.

Whether you are a new mother, grandmother, stepmom, dogmom, dad-mom,mothers give a lot of themselves to nurture and care for others.

It can be easy to experience burn-out which is why we are offering 5 fun tips for quick and easy self-care.

  1. Take a one minute break/reset.

It is easy to feel the rush of go-go-go, especially with young kids running around or this new age of homeschool.

Notice when you are getting burned out and take preventative action! It can be tempting to just plow through what we need to do, but taking just a one minute pause can reset your energy and mindset preventing a full on meltdown ( yes, moms have meltdowns too. They might not be the toddler tantrums but on the inside sometimes we are crying lol) If you need a little guidance, check out our Mindful Minutes on Insight Timer here.

2.Be present for the little delights.

As you pour that morning cup of joe, take a moment to inhale that sweet aroma.

When you eat your lunch, feel the texture of the food and sit down to enjoy your meal.

When your kid is trying to show you something, give them your full attention. Multi-tasking can seem helpful but in the long run it just adds to the feeling of overwhelm. Think about what you really value and care about and make time to be present for that.

3.Sound it out.

Annoying sounds might make you want to plug your ears or run away, but instead of fighting sounds that are not pleasing, try matching the sound. Dog barking nonstop? Go on, give a bark. Kids making strange loud noises? Join ‘em. Notice what it feels like to meet the sound and match it instead of fighting it and wishing it would stop. Laughter and ease might result.

4.Shake it out, dance it out, sing out. We all know that when we hear our favorite song it makes us feel good! But instead of waiting for your favorite song to come on, put it on and dance it out! This can be fun for the whole family. Everyone can take turns picking a song as you have a family dance party. Bonus points if you sing along because singing boosts endorphins too!

5.Schedule a sound bath session! Enjoy a private or group sound bath session where you can allow yourself to rest and receive 100% so that you are recharged for the rest of your day. Check our offerings here! Use coupon code MAMA at checkout.

If you want to be able to use sound healing for yourself at home we are offering a discount on instruments such as tuning forks and chimes. Coupon code: SHOWLOVE

What is your favorite way to celebrate Mother’s Day? We’d love to hear from yo