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Sequoia National Park & Kings Caynon Trip

Sequoia Crystal Bowl Sound Bath



✅Head Lamp

✅Sleeping Bag

✅Crystal Singing Bowls

Yup. Crystal Bowls are on the camping packing list.

Crystal bowls are made from quartz crystal- which means they are made from and of the earth, churned and crystalized for millions of years…

The crystal bowls are at home in nature and the woods and sing even more beautifully.

Don’t take my word for it.

Take a listen here.

Take a moment.

Close your eyes.

See yourself among the giant trees and listen to the crystals sing.

How does it feel in the body?

Where does it resonate?

After all, you are made of crystalline structure as well.

Tune yourself with nature, with crystal singing bowls, with the completely perfect sound of your own voice.