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Sound Healing for Winter

Winter is upon us.

It is time to get cozy and turn inward.

December, the last month of 2020 is an opportune time to reflect on the past year so we may release and clear the slate for a new year.

It is easy to get caught up in go-go-go and listen to our analytical mind. We want answers, action and instant gratification.

Instead, this season encourages us to get silent and still. We don’t need to think our way anywhere, we can simply allow ourselves to be present and see what arises.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, winter is associated with the kidneys. The kidneys are our storehouse of energy. They also help us to release toxins. We are designed to live in harmony with nature. When we tune into the energies of the seasons, we can connect with the cycles of nature that are present within our cells and organs. Replenishing our kidney chi will help us feel more alive and nourished in these winter months. This is a great time to be discerning in how you expend your energy. Be sure to include activities that feed your soul and give you comfort.

To assist in boosting the chi in your kidneys, tune the bubbling wells acupressure point on the sole of your foot. This Kidney 1 Point is the lowest acupressure point in the body and the meridian travels straight to the kidneys. We love tuning this point while in child’s pose. Recruit a loved one and take turns tuning each other while one rests in child’s pose and the other gives the tuning. This is our favorite spot to tune anytime of year but is especially powerful during these winter months! When we replenish this kidney chi we create a reserve of energy that is then used to heal, prevent illness and ease stress.

Winter is also an ideal time to focus on deep listening and including silence in your day. Silence is the most powerful sound. You can bring silence into your life by turning off the radio in the car, taking 5-10 minutes to sit in silence before bedtime or upon rising. You can also practice by listening to the sounds around you and finding the silence in between the sounds. It is in this silence that we can go deep and initiate a state of rest and calm.

Lastly, deep and low tones help support the grounding energy of winter. It is helpful to play single notes to create a consistent sound and go deep into that one sound. If you have crystal singing bowls or tuning forks, pick one note or interval to play and listen to for 10-15 minutes. Notice how the consistent sound makes you feel.

Journal about your journey and see what comes up for you!

Sound healing is very personal but we can use the energy of the seasons to support our wellbeing.