Tune -Yin to the Power of Giving

Tune -Yin to the Power of Giving

Once you know the power of giving, you know the power of receiving.

Yin & Yang.

Both can be difficult for any person to fully enjoy. Could you imagine if we lived in a world where people gave out of the goodness of their hearts? What if people knew how to receive kindness from others without the fear of being hurt or taken advantage of? Just like anything, it takes practice, so why not practice in a way that is fun and easy to do?

Have you ever tried Tune-Yin™? That’s right, I said “Tune-Yin™” Right now you might be thinking, “ What the heck is this new age hippie talking about?” Tune-Yin™ is a blend of yin yoga & using tuning forks on the body. To make it a practice of giving and receiving you do it with a partner - a loved one, best friend, son or daughter. It’s great to practice with people you already love to give and receive from.

This last valentine's day we hosted two sessions of Tune-Yin™ with two couples in each class. It was so beautiful to watch loved ones find a new way to connect or reconnect. From young love to couples who have been married for years, Tune-Yin™ was a sure fire way to reignite a huge sense of gratitude for one another.

The session was held in our outdoor location in Morro Bay, CA. We started with deep breaths, silly sounds and face making and eye gazing. Giving and receiving can be vulnerable and gazing into a loved one’s eyes is a powerful way to set an intention together. Some fun partner yoga postures and our cheesy humor, along with a jammin’ love playlist kept the mood light-hearted while also holding the space for deep connection.

After the warm-up, participants learned how to activate the C-128 BioSonics Tuning Fork and how to use it on each other during yin yoga postures.

The healing vibrations of the tuning fork take the practice of yin yoga to the next level. In yin yoga we are taught to lay or sit in positions that can sometimes be uncomfortable. Just like life can be. In comes your partner, tuning a tight spot on your body, as they hold loving intentions and delight in being able to help you feel even better. Getting tuned in specific spots on the body while holding yin postures helps you settle into a deeper stretch and allows the body, mind and heart to soften into deep peace.

After the delicious partner tuning, everyone lays down to receive a sound bath of harmonic Crystal Tones alchemy singing bowls, Grotta Sonora gongs, Koshi chimes, & BioSonics Tuning Forks. Then the silence comes in to crystalize and integrate all the work that was just done.

The session is completed with warm tea and chocolate dipped strawberries as participants write their loved ones a heart-felt card. By now, everyone is floating on cloud 9.

Tune-Yin ™ is a special treat that can be gifted for an anniversary, birthday, wedding, or any celebration. With your own tuning fork, it can also become a grounding and connecting daily practice to keep your love bright. Even just tuning each other in one pose a day is a fantastic way to give each other the gift of joy, connection, health and vitality.

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