What is sound healing?

Sound Healing is an ancient tradition that has been used around the globe for centuries. Sound is an inherent part of all religions and cultures and has been used throughout the ages to expand consciousness and connect us with the divine. We use sound as a gateway to our innermost selves.

Technically speaking, sound healing is the act of playing specific instruments with the intention to heal. You do not need to be a musician to practice sound healing. Intention is the most important component. Specific instruments such as Biosonics tuning forks and Crystal Tones Alchemy crystal bowls are specially made for using sound to initiate healing and promote overall wellness. These instruments carry the intention of health and healing.

Whether you have attended a formal “sound healing” session or not, you have surely experienced the power of sound. When you were a young child you were very good at using sound healing to help you. You would make sighs, squeals, grunts, loud guffaws of laughter to express your emotions and feelings. Even today, you might notice that you sigh to release some emotions, or that you might laugh in an uncomfortable situation.

We use sound to move and release energy from the body.

When you receive a sound bath, you allow someone to use sound to move the energy in your body. Think about it as a sonic massage at the cellular level.

Now let’s go deeper.

Everything is made up of vibrations. We are vibrational beings. Our bodies are like musical instruments, each with their own unique frequencies. Our instrument can get out of tune from daily activities, emotions, and thoughts. We use sound healing to re-tune our instrument to bring it back to its original frequency of balance.

When an organ or part of the body is healthy, it has a natural resonant frequency that is in harmony with the rest of the body. If the vibration of a particular organ or body part is out of harmony, then we have dis-ease. This creates a different sound pattern in the affected part of the body. Sound is used to correct the harmonic patterns of these areas, restoring the whole body back into balance.

The same is true of emotions or mental patterns. We may be experiencing “negative” emotions that cause us to feel stress, anxiety or pain. Thoughts and emotions have their own sound and frequencies as well. Which means we can use sound to recalibrate these frequencies back into harmony, allowing us to access more love, joy and ease.

Try this: Imagine an emotion or feeling you wish to release. Mentally make the intention to release this emotion with a sound. Take a deep breath and as you exhale, make a sound of the feeling leaving your body. Have fun with it. Repeat until you feel relief or can’t stop smiling :)