Why Experiences Make the Best Gifts!

Why Experiences Make The Best Gifts

When we think back to all of the greatest gifts we have been given over the years nothing ever beats a good memory of a fun experience. We all know that feeling you have when sharing a special moment with a friend or loved one. Your first kiss, our children's accomplishments we get to witness, funny holiday moments. These are the best gifts of all. That's why this year we want to offer you 3 fun ways to gift an experience.

  1. Gift a sound bath to someone in your family that could really benefit from it. A sound bath is a powerful & easy way to give someone a deeply nurturing and transformational experience that they will never forget. They basically get to lay in savasana the whole time, who can say no to that?

Sound has an amazing way of becoming memory stored in the cells of our body. Just as our favorite songs carry memories and meaning for us, the loving intention of the sound bath can create a lasting effect and profound sense of peace and wellbeing. Peace and ease? Sounds like a good gift to us!

2.Take your loved one or friend on a beautiful beach walk in Morro Bay and then join us for our kundalini yoga class afterward ( every Wednesday). Great gifts don’t have to be expensives shiny objects. Kundalini is the yoga of awareness and you never know what to expect! Create a beautiful memory of sharing the experience of yoga and cultivating a deeper sense of awareness of yourself and your relationship with your loved ones.

3.Give the gift of sound and joy by having a dance party with your friends and family! Make a playlist of everyone’s favorite jams and go to town! This will surely be an experience to remember!

If you really, really want to buy a physical gift, think about what the gift stands for and the purpose for it. Gifting someone sound healing instruments is something they will keep forever and will use on themselves and their loved ones creating a rippling effect of love for all of time. BioSonics Tuning Forks, Koshi Chimes, Grotta Sonora Gongs, or our Crystal Tones Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls will create lasting experience and memories forever. Tuning forks and chimes make the perfect stocking stuffer or Hanukkah gift.

We hope this brings you some inspiration on how to create the most intentional and heartfelt holiday experiences for you, your friends & family.