Why we love Crystal Tones Alchemy crystal singing bowls.

If you have ever tasted a piece of ripe fruit, such as a strawberry, picked straight from the garden, then you know the flavor and intensity is much richer than the conventional store bought variety. This is how it is with Crystal Tones crystal singing bowls. The pure tones and frequencies, infused with healing intentions, can be felt and tasted by the entire body.

Now, when I first started my sound healing journey, I simply purchased the most affordable crystal bowl I could buy off Amazon. I later learned that this type of bowl was created for a different purpose and with its slight flaws was then sold as a healing instrument. This is not the case with Crystal Tones bowls. They are created specifically with the intention to heal.

Fun fact! Crystal Tones crystal bowls are not made with a predetermined note. In the process of being created, it is as if the bowl is birthed, with the note only being discovered once the crystal bowl is completed. I learned this when I went to the Crystal Tones temple in Salt Lake City. I was searching the shelves, lined with hundreds of unique and magical bowls for an E note to complete a chakra set. In my search, I came across many A notes and F notes but I did not see many E note bowls. I asked one of the bowl masters why this is and she explained to me how the bowls select their own note based on what is needed. And right now, in the current state of the world, it is clear that we need the energies of the heart chakra (F note) and the third eye for clear seeing (A note) most. I was in awe!

Each crystal bowl carries with it a message and a mission. The bowls really do choose you. You feel the energy match as soon as it happens.

Crystal Tones singing bowls are made with the purest quartz crystal (over 99.99% pure) from mines in North Carolina where the quality is unsurpassed.

The stable crystalline matrix structure within the crystal bowls activates and resonates with the same crystalline structures found in our body and DNA. As we listen to the rich tones our brains become entrained to the vibration, inducing a state of serenity and calm. This enables us to move stagnant energy through the body and clear the path to more peace, clarity and an overall sense of wellbeing and balance.

Finding the crystal bowl that is right for you is a unique and fun process! Contact us if you want to learn more.