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Tuning Forks - The Basics

December 9, 2022

We all know what it means to feel out of tune.

There are many ways to get back in tune- from healthy eating, getting out in nature, resting, moving the body… we can also use tuning forks designed specifically for the human instrument to get our nervous systems back in tune.

In this workshop you will -

  • Receive an acoustic tuning fork sound bath

  • Learn about the history & benefits of tuning forks

  • Learn about and use the C& G tuning forks on yourself and a partner

  • Learn about the C-128 Osteopathic body tuning fork

  • Tune yourself with the C-128

  • Explore and play with more frequencies and tuning forks

You get to take your C & G tuning forks to continue practicing and receiving the peaceful vibrations of the tuning forks whenever you want a little support in getting back in tune :)