Hi, we are Jon and Natalie — the founders of Let's Get Tuned.

Natalie and Jon have a combined 30 years of experience of working with people on all levels. Both have worked in schools, yoga studios, retreats, and events around the world, bringing laughter, joy, and healing through sound and community.

Health and wellness should never feel like a chore. Let's Get Tuned is passionate about providing an easy way to feel good that is enjoyable and accessible to all. Have fun getting in tune with yourself and others!

Learn about the instruments


Crystal Tones & Crystal Singing Bowls

These angelic beauties are the kind of friend who tell you how it is but in a deeply loving way like angels singing in your ears. Pure quartz crystal is combined with other gems and minerals resulting in beautiful creations that are unique and powerful, just like you. Our entire human body —down to our DNA — is crystalline in structure, making it the perfect recipient to respond and resonate with the healing frequencies of these crystal bowls.


Koshi Chimes

These magical chimes will awaken your inner child and make you feel held and nurtured in the sway of their loving melodies. The light, ethereal, mystical chimes are like a happy pill with no bad side effects. Feel brighter, more joyful, and more serene after listening for just a few moments. They are extremely popular among little kids, helping them ease into dreamland without fear or fuss.


BioSonics Tuning Forks

Created by Dr. John Beaulieu, a pioneer in his field, the Biosonics tuning forks are like having a sound bath in your pocket. Carry the C-128 tuning fork in your purse or keep it in the car to keep yourself tuned throughout the day. Scientific studies prove how the use of these tuning forks stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system to decrease stress and induce a serene feeling of calm. Tuning forks are also an excellent tool to get relief from physical pain such as joint pain, sore muscles, and headaches, to name a few. These tuning forks will become your best bud, like having a constant side kick that is always there for you and has your back.


Grotta Sonora & Paiste Gongs

Have you ever needed to get through to a friend and felt like you just needed to give them a good shakin’ to help them see the folly of their ways? Well, the gong is that good friend to you, shaking up and releasing any unhealthy patterns you hold in your body or mindset.

The gong is one of the few instruments that has some harmonics that are not mathematical multiples. This makes it the perfect instrument to get “unstuck” from any unhealthy pattern or rhythm we might have become entrained to.