Get in tune with yourself


A Sound Meditation session is an optimal recharge for any one. The healing vibrations of the sound instruments work on the cellular level, resetting your entire system. The best part is that you get to simply lay back and relax. The sound waves do all the work for you by releasing any tension or blocked energy from the body. Your mind will feel clear and steady, your heart will be open and your body will be refreshed.

Each sound meditation experience is totally unique and felt in a different way. Explore what comes up for you!

From busy adults to active children, meditation through sound can help :

  • Decrease stress

  • Improve sleep

  • Spark creativity

  • Calm overactive minds

  • Reduce anxiety

  • Boost immunity

  • Reset your mood

  • Aid in pain management and tissue repair

  • Improve brain functioning and balances hemispheres of brain

  • Help with insomnia and addiction

  • Balance the nervous and glandular systems

  • Release emotions from body to promote growth and transformation



This private session will be uniquely curated to meet your individual needs. Whether you are looking to increase your feelings of joy, overcome a difficult challenge or simply wish to boost your creative energy, this individual experience will focus on manifesting your intentions through sound, mindfulness, reiki and loving energy. A session typically includes intention setting, meditation practices, a reiki-infused sound bath followed by journaling, reflection and next steps.


Having a shared experience with your loved one is an excellent way to deepen your bond and feelings of love. Our sessions for couples are designed around your needs and desired outcomes. A session typically includes: intention setting, partner exercises, vocal work, a reiki-infused sound bath, closing reflections and next steps.


In our Family sessions we make meditation with sound fun and accessible to everyone! Little ones are encouraged to get hands on with the instruments as we teach your family exercises to deepen your connection to each other and increase that sense of childlike wonder and joy. After intention setting and instrument exploration the whole family will be treated to a restful sound bath.