Let’s Get Tuned at Work


Less Stress, More Bliss

Do you want to show your employees your appreciation and gratitude while simultaneously generating more productivity and decreasing stress in your business?

Our sessions, which are based in mindfulness practices and sound meditation, provide the space for your staff to de-stress, connect with each other, and get creative inspiration for company projects.

Mindfulness is growing in popularity as more and more research is proving its benefits. Mindfulness based practices help with stress, mood, focus, productivity and so much more. Mindfulness allows us to be our best selves in all aspects, improving the quality of our lives and relationships with others. In the workplace, this translates to improved teamwork, healthier work relationships, less stress or burn out and more creativity in problem solving and decision making.

Benefits of sound meditation

  • Decrease stress

  • Increase focus

  • Improve ability to multi-task

  • Foster cooperation

  • Spark Creativity

  • Increase problem solving

  • Reduce burn out

  • Cultivate community


Services & Packages :

We offer three fundamental packages to choose from, always custom tailoring our sessions to meet the needs of your business.


Level 1 :

This is a great place to start to introduce your team to the power of meditation through sound. It is the perfect tune-up to keep your office running smoothly and efficiently. This session will leave your employees feeling stress-free and ready to do their best. It will spark creativity and bolster teamwork.

  • Introduction & ice breakers

  • Mindfulness exercises

  • Sound meditation

  • Reflection & accountability

  • 2 follow up phone calls

  • Total 2 hour session

Level 2 :

Level 2 dives a little deeper in the growth of the individual and the group. This is a great way to help release any tension in the work place and to push past any challenges the group has been facing.

  • Includes basic package activities plus

  • Tailored mindful breathing techniques

  • Partner and solo yoga

  • Brain games

  • Total 3 hour session

Level 3:

Level 3 is a day of total bliss. The ultimate in personal growth and creating a group conciseness to get everyone on the same path to achieve a team goal!

  • Includes all basic package activities plus

  • Team mingle with snacks and drinks

  • Mini- training on how to lead co-workers in breathing and meditation exercise

  • 5 recored meditations to use any time

  • Total 5 hour session