Make Work Stress Free


Show your employees your appreciation and gratitude while simultaneously generating more productivity and decreasing stress in your business?

Our sessions, which are based in mindfulness practices and sound meditation, provide the space for your staff to de-stress, connect with each other, and get creative inspiration for creating more joy in your life.

Mindfulness is growing in popularity as more and more research is proving its benefits. Mindfulness based practices help with stress, mood, focus, productivity and so much more. Mindfulness allows us to be our best selves in all aspects, improving the quality of our lives and relationships with others. In the workplace, this translates to improved teamwork, healthier work relationships, less stress or burn out and more creativity in problem solving and decision making.

Benefits of sound meditation

  • Decrease stress

  • Increase focus

  • Foster cooperation 

  • Spark creativity

  • Increase problem solving

  • Reduce burn out

  • Cultivate community

    Are you ready to transform your work environment?

We offer something for everyone and we can always custom tailor our sessions to meet the needs for you or your business. Follow the scheduling link below and lets chat about whats best for you.