In Person Sound Healing Certification

This in-person Sound Healing training is a weekend long immersion of learning and hands-on experience. Learn how to play each sound healing instrument with guidance and feedback. By the end of this course you will feel prepared and confident to lead your own sound healing sessions.

  1. The What: the science of sound - cymatics, resonance, entrainment

  2. The How: how to play instruments & lead a sound bath- consistency as higher consciousness

  3. The Why: finding your purpose & setting the intention

  4. The Way : developing your own practice to best support others- finding your home note, using your voice (group chant), personal practice & working with others.

You will learn about & practice with :

Paiste gongs, Grotta Sonora gongs, Biosonics tuning forks, Koshi chimes & Crystal Tones alchemy crystal bowls.

Course tuition includes: C 128 Otto Tuning fork, Human Tuning book & Let’s Get Tuned with Sound Level 1 Workbook.

You may also contact us to schedule your own private or group sound healing training.