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It’s here!! Let’s Get Tuned Online & at Home

You can learn about and experience the wide range of benefits of sound healing from home. In this deeply transformative class, you will learn how to use sound to bring more health, ease and joy into your life.

Our online Sound Healing training includes:

  • Over 15 hours of video content
  • All the instruments you need to get started right away including tuning forks and chimes. As well as a Crystal Singing Bowl option which includes 3 Crystal Tones crystal singing bowls
  • A Human Tuning book and Let’s Get Tuned Workbook
  • Guidance and how to for playing instruments
  • Meditation experiences & Guided Reflections
  • Connection to a community and network of other sound healers and wellness workers

Once you enroll, you will have access to the coursework immediately! Within two weeks of enrollment you will be sent instruments and workbooks. In the meantime, you can start learning because the first several lessons in the course do not require instruments. You will have lifetime access to the course & be able to stay connected with a private group of past students.

When we work together we change the planet’s vibration to a more healthy, vibrant, & loving world.

  • Tune yourself.
  • Tune the world.

This class was carefully and lovingly curated to give you the most hands on experience, allowing you to absorb all the information first hand and experience the wide range of benefits sound healing has to offer. Natalie has been a course curriculum creator for grades 3-12 for the last 10 years and Jon is in grade 3, so if he can understand it, anyone can.