It was love at first tuning. Let’s Get Tuned is a sound healing movement started by Natalie and Jon. Like  C and G, together they formed a harmonic pair- a powerful tuning duo. Jon and Natalie supercharge each other to bring you a unique and uplifting sound healing experience.

The good vibrations of the instruments have immense healing properties for the body, mind, and spirit. Jon and Natalie want to share this state of joy and vitality with all. They can’t get enough of the instant meditative and blissful state the sound baths elicit. They can be found tuning themselves and gong-bathing day and night.  The curated mix of gongs, crystal bowls, tuning forks, chimes, and other instruments initiates a deep state of relaxation and regeneration in all areas of our being. From a short-cut to entraining to REM brain waves to clearing out subconscious blockages to igniting creativity, sound healings benefits are like the echoes of the gong- infinite. 

Jon and Natalie invite you to come experience the magic of the sound vibrations for yourself.


Natalie Teichmann, a teacher and life-long learner, has studied yoga for the past 15 years, evolving her practice to encompass the more nuanced meditative aspects of healing. With over 1,000 hours of yoga and meditation training, her style is rooted in tradition and experience, with a light-hearted and accessible approach.

Her first sound bath experience launched her into a deeper discovery of the profound healing powers of sound as she felt her energy become recharged and refreshed with each sound vibration. From them on, Natalie knew her purpose was to bring others peace through the power and presence of sound.

Playing bowls at Guru Shasta

Playing bowls at Guru Shasta

Over the last 10 years, Jon has led groups ranging from 10 people to 20,000 to a state of ecstatic laughter and deep relaxation. A natural born channel, Jon intuitively reads the energy of the room to raise it to our home vibration- Love. With an impressive resume in the performing arts, he uses his knowledge of connecting with large audiences to dial in to the deeper and more intimate levels of soul-to-soul connection. In his classes, he creates a space of Love and Ecstasy that transforms and heals the spiritual, mental, and physical bodies of attendees.

A few of our accomplishments.