Don’t think about it — feel about it!

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Have you ever felt out of tune?

Our bodies are like instruments that get out of tune from the environment, work, and everyday stress. We all know the physical and mental effects that can have on us. With Let’s Get Tuned, you learn to perform regular maintenance on your body through sound therapy, mindfulness, and yoga. Are you ready to get tuned or to be able to help others vibrate to a higher frequency? Choose below to get started.


There’s a way to tune every body.

Dive deeper, visit our blog. Learn about crystal bowls, gongs, tuning forks, chimes & your own voice. Find out about experiences & tips to stay in tune!


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Get to know us & our mission

It is our mission to empower others to enrich their lives through the use of sound. You all know you get down to your favorite jams. Your endorphins pump and that music sets your soul free.

Sound baths are a dance party for the trillions of cells in your body. They are jamming out and making your nervous system stronger, your outlook brighter, and your smile wider.

We want to spread this experience of sound healing to as many people as possible.

Sound baths help people feel relaxed and happy.

And we all know the world needs more happy people!