Sound Healing Teacher Training

Are you looking for a way to bring more ease and joy into your life that doesn’t require a ton of effort or completely changing your lifestyle?

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Do you wish there was an easy way to cut out the mind chatter and tune into your inner wisdom?

Have you tried traditional meditation and felt stuck?

Are you looking for a way to reset your nervous system and make peace and ease the dominant resonance in your life? As the world gets busier and faster, the need to slow down and rest becomes increasingly important.

The world of sound healing and meditation continues to grow and expand daily.


Sound healing offers deep relaxation and profound healing benefits with little to no effort required by participants. This makes it an appealing and accessible modality that anyone and everyone can enjoy and benefit from.

Sound healing may sound easy. Get an instrument and play it!

However it is not that simple and just as with any other therapeutic approach it is important to practice sound healing with awareness, training, personal experience and ethical practices.


We have taken what we have learned in hundreds of hours of Sound Healing trainings and personal practice and distilled it down to the fundamentals to create the most applicable, approachable, and hands on training we know of.

Our training manual and the flow of the in person training has been meticulously and artfully created to serve you, the learner, so that you may then go out and serve your community.


In this Sound Healing training you will:

  • Learn fundamentals of sound healing including how sound affects the body and nervous system

  • Learn key terms and principles such as entrainment, cymatics, resonance and brainwave frequencies as they relate to sound healing

  • Develop your own personal sound healing practice

  • Learn how to create a safe space and container when leading a sound healing session

  • Learn how to use a C-128 tuning fork for your own personal practice and one-on-one or small group work

  • Learn about and how to play Biosonics tuning forks, Crystal Tones Alchemy singing bowls, Grotta Sonora gongs and Koshi chimes

  • Learn about the ethics of sound healing and holding space

  • Understand the role of intuition, intention and deep listening as part of sound healing

  • Learn how to use fun ice-breakers and exercises to bring a group of people together before a sound bath

  • Experience the important role of silence during and after a sound bath session

  • Learn about the anatomy of a sound bath and how to plan sound baths for the maximum benefit of all

  • Learn how to tailor a sound bath experience to a specific audience

  • And so much more!


You will mainly learn by experiencing, listening and playing. We will give brief lectures on each instrument, lead an example sound bath and then give time for guided play and exploration.

Experience is the greatest teacher.

Our week-end long, hands-on training is like a mini retreat where you will get to dive deep into the world of sound. We like to say it is education through relaxation because you get to experience so much and receive and play as you learn! You will get plenty of time to play each instrument, listen deeply and demonstrate your learning by leading your own sound bath for the group!


The training includes:

  • A Biosonics C 128 Otto Tuning fork with crystal tip

  • Human Tuning book

  • Let’s Get Tuned with Sound Level 1 Workbook

  • Vegan dinner on Friday

  • A vegan breakfast and lunch on Saturday and Sunday

  • Special gifts and offers

  • Sound Healing Level 1 Certification

We keep our trainings small and intimate, between 5-8 people, so you can get the most out of the experience. This means maximum play time with each instrument and personalized and detailed feedback just for you.

Are you ready to dive deeper into the powerful and profound world of sound healing?

This training counts as continuing education credits with Yoga Alliance.