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If you have ever tasted a piece of ripe fruit, such as a strawberry, picked straight from the garden, then you know the flavor and intensity is much richer than the conventional store bought variety. This is how it is with Crystal Tones crystal singing bowls. The pure tones and frequencies, infused with healing intentions, can be felt and tasted by the entire body.

Now, when I first started my sound healing journey, I simply purchased the most affordable crystal bowl I could buy off Amazon. I later learned that this type of bowl was created for a different purpose and with its...


Sound Healing is an ancient tradition that has been used around the globe for centuries. Sound is an inherent part of all religions and cultures and has been used throughout the ages to expand consciousness and connect us with the divine. We use sound as a gateway to our innermost selves.

Technically speaking, sound healing is the act of playing specific instruments with the intention to heal. You do not need to be a musician to practice sound healing. Intention is the most important component. Specific instruments such as Biosonics tuning...