3 Healthy Morning Habits

3 Healthy Morning Habits

Good Morning!! Time to tune yourself for the day!! What does that look like for you? Most morning rituals start off with a shower, coffee and the rushing to go do something. What if you did just a few extra things that can set you up for success and conquering the day?

Ask yourself what the day ahead of you looks like. What does your daily routine look like? If we can learn from some examples that we have all around us already, we may be able to develop a morning tuning ritual that we will look forward to instead of struggling to do.

Let’s take a look at an athlete first. They tune their bodies and mind to perform at the highest level they can achieve so that they can maintain the edge on their opponent. Usually the most in tune player wins. You may not play sports, but you still perform on some level everyday. Why not set yourself up for success? How can we tune our bodies and minds to handle deadlines at work, challenging co-workers, pain in the butt customers and so on and so on. We all have daily tasks that can cause us to get out of tune and then not perform at our best. Here are 3 easy and fun ways to tune yourself for the day no matter what it is you do.

  1. Right before bed and right when you wake up, use the BioSonics C & G acoustic tuning forks while repeating positive affirmations to yourself. The C & G together create a perfect 5th harmonic which is full of soothing benefits for the human instrument. Combined with positive thoughts, it's a powerful combo, and we all know how powerful our thoughts can be! Here’s a cool little video we made on how to use them.

  2. Move the body and wake it up. Lubricating your joints, stretching your muscles, and exercising your mind will help you flow through the day with ease. Stretching your hips will help release tension in the lower back. Relaxing your shoulders with a sigh of relief can relieve neck pain. Just move the body mindfully and let it feel smooth and easeful. The natural energy that flows through your body will then help your day be more full of ease. Here are some simple morning yoga videos we made that you can try.

  3. Doesn’t bacon or cheesy eggs sound good to you? We remember when they used to sound good to us. For health benefits and to live more consciously & eco friendly, it was a no brainer that we needed to change how we looked at food. Once we can realize that the type of food we eat has a major effect on our human tuning we start to look at food a bit different. The body does something amazing. It takes what we eat and then literally turns it into a human. Think about that one for just a moment. Mind blown!! So start looking at food that has life force, or vitality. An apple falls off a tree and may rot eventually, but it can also turn into a whole other tree!! That's life force!! Eat foods that are hydrating and are easily digestible. Start the day off with a green juice or a super smoothie. These will allow your body to burn off excess fat and tone you up feeling totally tuned up!

So there it is. But remember, don't just take our word for it. We speak from our own experiences. We are only offering ideas to living a happier, healthier life. We try to stay as tuned as possible so that we can fully live every moment of every day in our highest frequency. Use the tuning forks, move the body, & put the right kind of fuel in the body and the rest will follow. Remember to share your experience with us or reach out for coaching on how to get started.