Boost your immunity now!

The C-128 tuning fork is not only a great relaxation tool but it is an immunity super booster!

Research done by Dr. John Beaulieu and his colleagues suggest that the vibration of the C 128 tuning forks stimulates nitric oxide in the body, which in turn influences our well being and biochemical activity.

What is nitric oxide? Nitric oxide is a molecule with a nitrogen atom bound to an oxygen atom. It is one of the smallest molecules found in nature and is fundamental to all life on earth. Our bodies produce nitric oxide in our vascular, nerve and immune cells, playing a key role in the overall health of our organs and state of wellbeing.

If we are stressed out, our bodies don’t produce as much nitric oxide as usual. To give our system a helpful reboot when we are stressed we can tune ourselves to induce a release of nitric oxide to the body. Nitric oxide fights and destroys viruses, bacteria and free radicals in the body. It is essential for the healthy functioning of our major organs and allows our bodies to aim for homeostasis.

The C-128 tuning fork spikes nitric oxide production in the body, giving your immunity a boost with antiviral and antibacterial action at the microcellular level.

We love the C-128 fork for how relaxed and blissed out it makes us feel. Knowing that we are also amping up our immunity is a huge bonus!

Time to go get tuned!